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Virginia is a "Best State to Retire"

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 28, 2017

The Gardens, Glen Allen, VAYou’re really going to do it. You worked your last day, you ate the cake and you decided to move to the best retirement spot in America. Next question: Where is that?

Bankrate looked at costs, weather, health care, crime, taxes, cultural amenities and a few other things important to seniors and have determined the best 10 places to retire.

Before you start packing, find out if you’ll need snowsuits or swimming suits.

Virginia is for lovers of affordable prices, communities where you can feel safe and relatively pleasant weather year-round. The fall foliage in the Shenandoah Valley is an annual treat, spring brings cherry blossoms, and in summer you can hit the state’s Atlantic beaches.

#6 Virginia Scores highest for:

  • Cost of living
  • Relatively low crime rates
  • Weather

For more information on apartments in Glen Allen, VA, contact The Gardens.


Richmond is a Great Area for Retirement

Joseph Coupal - Monday, August 14, 2017

The Gardens, Glen Allen, Richmond, VAWhen the time comes to pick a place to retire, you want to make it a good one. After all, retirement is the prize at the end of a lot of long years of hard work. So what are the factors that go into picking that magical place?

The perfect place will be a little different for everyone depending on finances, family and, of course, preferences. But for the most common factors – cost of living, safety, healthcare, activities and climate – Virginia comes out on top time and again., a financial analysis website, recently published a list of the Best States for Retire, ranking Virginia as #5 in the nation. We did a little more digging to find out what particular cities and towns have been recognized as top spots…and here’s what we found. Keep in mind, these aren’t in any particular order as they have all been recognized by various organizations and publications, but not analyzed side-by-side.


Bloomberg Business ranked Richmond as one of the most affordable cities in which to retire. With beautiful neighborhoods and an abundance of cultural attractions like art museums, opera, theater and ballet, Richmond has no shortage of activities, Add to that a rich history, beautiful parks and good healthcare, and Richmond is a prime place to spend your golden years.

Whether you’re looking to be closer to the grandkids or just want a certain lifestyle, Virginia has more than enough options. If you’re retired, or thinking about retiring soon, and would like more information on apartments near Richmond, VA contact The Gardens.


Millennials Love Living in Apartments in Glen Allen, VA

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, August 08, 2017

The Gardens, Glen Allen, VAMillennials are born between the early 1980s to the early 2000s. If there is one hot trend among them, it is their love for apartment living!

According to Forbes, only 11% of consumers ages 20 to 29 have a mortgage, compared to 30% of all consumers nationwide. Since a hefty down payment and solid credit is harder to achieve (especially with outstanding student loans) many young adults are opting for the flexibility of apartment living.

Why do Millennials love the lifestyle associated with renting? Below are four reasons why apartment living is so great!


Let’s face it. Millennials aren't 100% certain what they want to do with their lives right after graduation. Having the flexibility of 6-month and 12-month lease allows for renters to either renew their lease or move on. Whether a millennial wants to move to the city for a job or move from the suburban setting to a downtown environment, the freedom of apartment living provides renters with both options.

Great Company:

With the trend of moving into apartments, apartment living can be fun! If your community is fortunate enough to have a pool, you can meet new friends at your apartment and forge friendships that will last a lifetime. Moving into an apartment provides you with an ideal living situation; it can drastically improve your social situation!

Financial Freedom:

Raise your hand if you are under 30 years old and can put a down payment of $20,000 for a home?

The month-to-month payment options on rent means Millennials don't have the burden of taking out even more loans. Instead, they can actually save money while renting and establish good credit. This will set them up for financial freedom in the future!

Ideal Living Situation:

With the boom in rental developments, builders and developers are listening to what Generation Y is seeking in terms of their living situation. The result? Apartments nowadays are decked with the finest apartment amenities in the perfect locations. Imagine living in a community with a workout facility, Wi-FI business center, pool and dog part. This is what Millennials can expect from their apartment, which is why they’ll consider apartments as the idea living situation!

It is no coincidence that Millennials moving into rental communities have skyrocketed over the past several years. Developers are catering to the needs of Generation Y and in return, Millenialls love everything associated with apartment living!

For more information on apartments in Glen Allen, VA contact The Gardens.


Abberly Twin Hickory

Formerly The Gardens at Twin Hickory

4700 The Gardens Drive, Glen Allen, VA 23059

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