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Richmond, VA: One of the Best Cities in the South 2017

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 18, 2017

The Gardens at Twin Hickory Apartments, Glen Allen, VARevitalization—it’s a word used to describe what’s happening in nearly every American city right now, but in the South, our cities aren’t so much undergoing a revitalization as much as they are an awakening. Sure, we’re breathing new life into historic buildings and settling into homes that are in high rises and once-neglected neighborhoods. But from the Gulf coast to the Atlantic coast, a diverse mix of lifelong Southerners, millennials, newcomers, and transplants are launching start-ups, building new restaurants, creating new music, solving problems, and coloring the South as one of, if not the, most exciting regions of the country to live. And it's happening in ways we couldn’t have even imagined a decade ago.

9. Richmond, Virginia

Off-the-radar Richmond has the South paying attention. The beautifully restored Quirk Hotel, an unconventional music scene, and restaurants that are redefining Appalachian cooking have made us all take notice.

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Southern Living

Signs It's Time to Downsize Your Home

Joseph Coupal - Monday, December 11, 2017

The Gardens at Twin Hickory Apartments, Glen Allen, VAOwning a home has long been the American Dream, but these days, far too many people are pushing themselves too hard to attain it. It's estimated that 39 million Americans can't actually afford their homes, while more than half the population has been forced to make major financial sacrifices to keep up with housing payments.

No matter what sort of property you're sitting on, there comes a point when you need to take a step back and decide if the cost of ownership is worth it. If you're thinking of downsizing, here are a few signs that it's the right move for you.

1. Your mortgage, insurance, and property taxes exceed 30% of your take-home pay

Taking on too much house is one of the easiest ways to set yourself up for disaster. When you overspend on housing, you make it harder on yourself to save money, and you give yourself limited wiggle room when unplanned expenses arise.

So what's considered too much house? Generally speaking, your mortgage, insurance, and property taxes combined shouldn't exceed 30% of your take-home pay. If you find that they do, then it's time to consider downsizing and freeing up some much-needed room in your budget.

Keep in mind that it could be the case that your housing costs weren't always excessive, but have now reached that point because your circumstances changed. It pays to be realistic about your situation. Consider getting out before you find yourself headed for financial ruin.

2. Your maintenance and repair costs keep climbing

The average U.S. homeowner spends anywhere from 1% to 4% of his or her property's value on annual upkeep. But if you find that your costs are exceeding the upper end of that range, it may be time to move to a smaller home that's less costly to keep standing. Review your bank and credit card statements for the past two years, see how much your home costs you to maintain, and decide if that figure is reasonable. If it isn't, then you'll want to consider a move.

3. Your housing costs leave no room for savings

Maybe your housing costs don't exceed 30% of your take-home pay, and your maintenance costs are minimal. But be that as it may, if you find that you're not saving money month after month, and housing constitutes your greatest monthly expense (which is the case for most people), then you may need to work on trimming that figure.

If you move to a smaller home, it's cheaper to heat and cool.

4. You're tired of not having options

Another reason to consider downsizing is if you come to realize that your housing costs are preventing you from enjoying too many of life's luxuries. Maybe you're swinging your mortgage payment just fine, and are managing to save responsibly all the while. That's all fine and good, but if you find that you're mostly unable to dine out or take vacations because your home monopolizes too much of your income, then it's time to consider a smaller -- and cheaper -- place to live.

5. You're no longer using all that space

One final argument in favor of downsizing boils down to whether or not you really need all the space you have. If you're older, and your adult children have moved out, then it may not pay to spend all that money on maintenance and the like when you don't actually need the room. Though letting go of a beloved home can be difficult, you can focus on building memories in your new home -- and one that's more affordable.

Housing can be a huge expense, so be honest with yourself about whether the cost of your home is really worth it. You may come to realize that downsizing offers you the best of both worlds -- a comfortable place to live, and a lot more money in your pocket.

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Fun Friendly Holiday Events around Richmond

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, December 06, 2017

If you live in an apartment in Glen Allen, VA you may be looking for some fun holiday events in Central Virginia. Below are some fun ways to celebrate 2017.

The Gardens at Twin Hickory Apartments, Glen Allen, VAA Charlie Brown Christmas

Dec. 8, 7 p.m.
Dec. 9, 11 a.m. or 1 p.m.

A Christmas classic is coming to life! The Henrico Theatre Company invites you to come out to the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen to see Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the Peanuts Gang. Tickets are $12.

25th James River Parade of Lights

Saturday, Dec. 9
6-9 p.m.

The James River Advisory Council will host its 25th Annual Parade of Lights There will be 25 boats decorated, and the lights can be viewed from Libby Hill Park, Osborne Park, Boat Landing, Dutch Gap Boat Landing and Henricus Historical Park.

CarMax Tacky Light Run

Saturday, Dec. 9
6 p.m.

CarMax will be hosting a tacky lights run at Midlothian Mines Park. The run will feature a course through the Walton Park neighborhood in Midlothian, where participants can see over-the-top tacky lights and holiday decorations. Registration prices for the event vary from $10-$45.

Breakfast with Santa at The Virginia Cliffe Inn

Saturday, Dec. 9
8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Come have breakfast with Santa and visit his special Christmas cottage at The Virginia Cliff Inn. After breakfast, children are invited to participate in holiday workshops. Tickets are $5.

31st Annual Court End Christmas

Sunday, Dec. 10
Noon to 5 p.m.

Performances, carriage rides, music, museum shops and refreshments, along with various activities for children and free admission and transportation to 11 historic sites in the city.

COTU Christmas Market

Sunday, Dec. 17
1-6 p.m.

The Center of the Universe is hosting a Christmas Market! Includes 13 handcrafted vendors, holiday music and beer. All proceeds will benefit a local charity. Admission is free.

Chanukah on Ice

Sunday, Dec. 17
3-5 p.m.

Event includes music, free coffee, hot cocoa, doughnuts and the lighting of a giant menorah marking the sixth night of Chanukah.

Dominion Energy Gardenfest of Lights Illumination

The GardenFest of Lights will stay lit from Jan. 8, from 5 to 10 p.m. each day.

Christmas Town at Busch Gardens

Continues through Jan. 1

There will be 8 million Christmas lights, making it the largest Christmas light display in North America. Attendees can enjoy festive food and drink, holiday shopping and heart-warming shows.

GardenFest for Fidos

Thursday, Jan. 4
5 – 10 p.m.

Bring your dogs to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens to enjoy Dominion Energy’s GardenFest of Lights.


One Bedroom Apartments With the Perfect Lifestyle in Virginia

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Gardens at Twin Hickory Apartments, Glen Allen, VGlen Allen, VA is an attractive place to live. In fact, the area boasts a mild, four-season climate and loads of things to do. Located minutes from downtown Richmond, the area is bursting with great food, fun, and entertainment. With some great restaurants at your fingertips and tons of charm, you will be happy with your decision to move to an apartment in Glen Allen, VA.

If you are looking for a one bedroom apartment in Glen Allen, VA look no further than The Gardens at Twin Hickory. These apartment homes have distinctive architecture and exclusive amenities. We have 2 different styles of one bedroom apartments, ranging from 843 to 893 sq ft. It all depends on what you need and what you are looking for.

Located in the beautiful and exclusive Twin Hickory Neighborhood in Richmond’s West End. The beautiful community is just minutes away to world class shopping at Short Pump Towne Center and easy access to I-64, I-295 and I-95. The Gardens offer a tranquil setting with the conveniences of the city lifestyle. Because it's How You Live that matters.

For more information on The Gardens, contact us.


Let’s All Give Thanks This Thanksgiving Holiday

Joseph Coupal - Monday, November 20, 2017

The Gardens at Twin Hickory Apartments, Glen Allen, VAIt’s Thanksgiving week and a time each year when we reflect upon the blessing within our lives. Today our warmest Thanksgiving wishes go out to all of you, our residents, friends, and neighbors. Along with this note of thanks to you, this week we offer a special Thanksgiving “shout-out” to one of the more unsung Thanksgiving heroes, Sarah Hale. Historians credit Sara Hale as the originator of the Thanksgiving federal holiday.

Sara Hale undertook a 17-year letter writing campaign to make Thanksgiving a national holiday observed in all states. Before Hale, Thanksgiving was not a fixed holiday but rather an informal tradition. Presidents would select a day and make it known that it would be a day of thanksgiving and community. Hale lobbied five separate presidents for a set date until finally her request was granted by president Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln congratulated her tenacity and immortalized the holiday as part of American culture.

So thanks, Sara, for your 17 years of letter writing, for securing our day of Thanks on Thursday, and for your part in creating one of the most warm and celebrated day within our American culture!

Richmond is One of the Best Cities for Millennials

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Gardens at Twin Hickory Apartments, Glen Allen, VAEvery year a new crop of college graduates sets its sites on jobs across the country and, for many, life in an entirely new city. Around the same time, recent grads weigh the pros and cons of staying put versus moving to a new city for better pay, cheaper rent, and a host of other factors.

Generations of young professionals have sought--and continue to covet--jobs in places like New York and Washington, D.C., but as the job market remains uncertain and the cost of living continues to rise, many young people are now considering cities for reasons beyond their traditional cache.

To create this ranking of the Best Cities and Neighborhoods for Millennials, analyzed the data of cities and metro areas with one million residents or more from the U.S. Census, FBI, and surveys of nearly half a million college students and graduates from over the past four years. Factors examined include percentage of the population identified as millennials (ages 25 to 34), median income, education level, and racial diversity.

The ranking also favors lower median rents, unemployment rates, and crime rates. Within cities, a similar subset of factors was used to determine the best neighborhood for millennials. User-generated survey data contributed on factors like nightlife, cultural attractions, shopping, and professional sports was also taken into consideration.

The economic climate right now is difficult for recent college grads. With a ranking like this we’re combining the fun stuff with more practical things like safety and the unemployment rate. It’s a good balance of what you need to think about when you’re starting to get serious about life beyond college. has been tracking the behaviors, preferences, and decision-making of millennials since 2002, when it was founded as college review and recommendation site Today, the site provides data and anecdotal information to individuals looking to choose neighborhoods, cities, and schools, using many of the insights gained about millennials when they were considering and attending colleges to understand what they now want in a city in which to build a career, life, and family.

For example, diversity on campus emerged as a high priority among millennials on the college hunt; it now ranks as a significant factor as the same age group chooses where they will live.

The cities and neighborhoods that appear on this ranking may raise eyebrows among those who’ve lived in places like New York and Chicago and can readily identify the neighborhoods highlighted as hardly among the most affordable. It’s a combination of attributes that make these locales attractive.

But each city had attributes that ranked lower than other locations—New York is famous for sky-high rents even in neighborhoods considered “affordable,” and D.C.’s crime rate is higher than places like Boston and San Diego.

You have to take it all into account. Every city has a strength and every city has a weakness, but these are fantastic places to get going, start jobs, start families.

Top Cities And Neighborhoods For Millennials: Charlotte, NC is #28 on the list.

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Honorably Discharged Veterans will Soon Shop Tax-Free

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, November 07, 2017

The Gardens at Twin Hickory Apartments, Glen Allen, VAHey veterans, you can soon shop tax free.

Starting later this year, all honorably discharged veterans, no matter their branch of service, will be eligible to shop tax-free online at the Army & Air Force Exchange Service with the same discounts they enjoyed on base while in the military. It’s the latest way in which the organization is trying to keep its customers as the armed forces shrink and airmen and soldiers buy more for delivery.

Adding 13 million potential new customers will give extra ammunition to the group that runs the stores on U.S. Army and Air Force bases worldwide as it fights Amazon and other retailers for veterans’ online shopping dollars.

Since hiring its first civilian CEO five years ago, the Exchange has upgraded the brands at base stores to include items like Disney toys, Michael Kors fashions and other top names. Like private stores, it’s also imposed tighter cost controls, reduced the number of employees and improved people’s experience on the website.

“The intent is to really beat Amazon at their game because we have locations literally on the installations,” said CEO Tom Shull. “We’re leaning toward not just ship-from-store but pick-up-from-store and eventually deliver-from-store.”

The Exchange is adding shipping centers within its stores to allow it to send products directly from those locations more cheaply and quickly. Twenty-six stores now ship orders, and that will expand to 55 by the end of the year.

Within the next three years, Shull said the goal is to deliver something on base within two hours of when it is ordered. That’s possible partly because the Exchanges are already on base, cleared by security.

The Exchange delivers most orders on the second day now. Shull said shipping from stores will make a big difference in regions around bases, which are often in more rural areas.

Expanding online shopping to all honorably discharged veterans is expected to add about $200 million annually within three years to the $8.3 billion in sales the Exchanges generated last year.

Adding those shoppers, what Shull called “the foundation of our growth,” is critical to help offset the 13 percent decline in the number of active-duty Army and Air Force soldiers since 2011 when the Exchange generated $10.3 billion revenue.

“It’s a modest benefit, but it can save you thousands of dollars a year,” said Shull, a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy who served in the Army for a decade before starting a retail career at chains including Macy’s.

Former Marine Forrest Cornelius was among the first to sign up at the verification website when it launched in June, and got a chance to start shopping early to test it out. The 51-year-old was impressed by the site and a deal he found on Ray-Ban sunglasses.

“The biggest thing is price. They’re always going to be a little bit cheaper,” said Cornelius, who lives in Dallas.

But competing on price in today’s retail environment is increasingly difficult, said Edward Jones analyst Brian Yarbrough. Just look at how much trouble Walmart has competing with Amazon, he said, because Walmart has the fixed costs associated with its stores.

“To think you’re going to compete on price, you’re going to have a hard time there,” he said.

Under Shull’s leadership, the Exchange stores have traded their industrial feel and reliance on off-brand merchandise for a more modern look featuring well-known labels.

Two-thirds of the main Exchange store at Offutt Air Force Base resembles any department store, with prominent displays of name-brand makeup, Nike fitness gear and Carter’s clothes for kids. The rest is filled with the kind of electronics, appliances, housewares and toys found at Walmart or Sears, with major brands in every section.

The Exchanges don’t pay rent for their military base locations, and the government transports some of their supplies and goods to far-flung locations, but otherwise they operate mostly like an independent retailer. Roughly two-thirds of the employees are family members of soldiers or airmen.

The Exchange, which is part of the Defense Department, reported earnings of $384 million last year. That’s a sharp contrast from five years ago when Shull arrived to projections of $180 million in losses.

Of last year’s profit, $225 million was returned to the defense department to help pay for quality-of-life programs on bases like child development and fitness centers. Besides the main stores, the Exchanges also operate more than 70 movie theaters and bring in franchise restaurants and other vendors for the shopping malls it operates on bases.

Shull feels those are good reasons for the new online shopping privileges to draw veterans to do their shopping there.

“Veterans value the cost savings and what they can do to support the military,” he said.


Live Well in Richmond, VA on a Modest Income

Joseph Coupal - Monday, October 30, 2017

The Gardens, Glen Allen, VAThe average monthly Social Security payment was $1341 in January 2016. That's enough income for a married couple each receiving this amount to cover basic expenses such as housing, food, transportation, health care and utilities in some parts of the country, according to a U.S. News analysis of census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics data. The analysis also factored in crime rates, access to health care and recreation opportunities. Consider Richmond, VA where two Social Security checks are likely to pay for basic retirement costs.

While norther Virginia has very high housing costs that aren't likely to be covered by social security alone, costs drop significantly a little farther south in Richmond. The median retiree homeowners pay $1,282 per month with a mortgage which drops to $465 among older residents who have paid off their homes. The median rent for senior citizens is $905 monthly. Virginia's capital city is divided by the James river, which has whitewater rapids running through town. The area also has several well regarded hospitals, including the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center.

For more information on apartments in Glen Allen, VA, contact The Gardens.


Virginia is on the List for Best States for Education

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Gardens at Twin Hickory Apartments, Glen Allen, VA When it comes to educating students, state governments play a vital role - from the allocation of funding to passing laws on school choice and basic curriculum. Among the Best States For Education, the Eastern Seaboard stands out, claiming the top 5 spots. This education ranking was determined by performance in PreK-12 and higher education.

Metrics considered the percentage of the population that is college educated - with an Associate's degree or higher - and average undergraduates tuition and fees for in-state students at public institutions.

#10 on the list: Virginia

College Educated: 45%
Average undergraduate tuition and fees: $11.057
Public High School Graduation Rate: 85.3%
Best Overall Rank: 11

For more information on apartments in Glen Allen, VA, contact The Gardens.



Reasons to Live in Richmond, VA

Joseph Coupal - Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Gardens at Twin Hickory Apartment, Glen Allen, VAAmericans spend about a third of every food dollar on food services, and they spend more on restaurants than at grocery stores. WalletHub recently ranked the 150 most populated U.S. cities as the best and worst cities for foodies. The cities were ranked using 21 metrics that considered affordability, diversity, accessibility and quality, and only the city proper was considered.Richmond, VA made the top of the list.

What other accolades has Richmond been awarded?

  • Richmond ranked in the top Best Places to Live in the USA.
  • The Veil Brewing Co. was named No.3 Best New Brewery in the World out of the 6,5000 new producers worldwide.
  • Richmond named one of 25 Most Romantic Cities.
  • Richmond is a Top 10 City for Global Trade in the United States.
  • Richmond named one of 20 best places in America to start a business.
  • Richmond named among America's 50 best running cities.
  • Richmond named a top city for creatives.
  • Richmond number 7 on Travel + Leisure’s 'America’s Favorite Places' survey.
  • Richmond was named "the modern cultural capital of the South".

For more information on apartments in Glen Allen, VA, near Richmond, contact The Gardens at Twin Hickory.


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