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Questions To Ponder When Apartment Hunting

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, June 06, 2017

The Gardens, Glen Allen, VAMoving to a new apartment can be an exciting experience; the thought of starting over again can be refreshing and sometimes nostalgic. But many blissful moments like this are ruined because the important details of the new apartment was not expected and overlooked. The move turns out to be a gloomy ordeal with lots of doubt and discontentment.

One of the unexpected situations you can encounter after a month of stay in your “dream” apartment is to realize that your friendly neighbor can get loud every time he is drunk or it can be your lovely wall paper disrupting your wifi signal or worst, your mobile phone.

Don’t lose hope though. A fast, reliable and easy to follow tips are written below in apartment and rental hunting. By simply following these tips, one may be able to find a house and apartment rental which will perfectly fit your lifestyle.

First priority should be checking the lease. Is there a security deposit? How about move-in fees? Some large houses and apartment buildings have visiting hours which limits the time of new occupants to freely roam around. The purpose is not to disrupt other residents.

How about the utilities, are they included in house or rental apartment. Are the lease terms occupant friendly? Plenty of large houses and building offer good options such as six to twelve months leases. Is the house or rental apartment rent controlled. How about the broker’s fee? Apartment fees in most cities in the US have fees for house or rental apartment.

Next are the amenities. Let us site out some possible issues. The first is: What’s the cell phone reception like? When you are house and rental apartment hunting, be sure to take out your cell phone and walk around the property to test the signal. Another one is: Is there off-street parking available? If so, how much does it cost? On-street parking is another option. This works out cheaper but be sure to check if you need to register your car or if you have to buy a resident parking sticker.

Does the apartment have extra storage? Sometimes if the closet or storage space is small, some buildings have extra storage for a fee. Is the laundry on site or in the house or rental apartment unit? Do the washing machines look new or look worn out? What kind of system do they use, a card system or coins? Does the rental apartment have air conditioning? If not, is it allowed to install air con units? Also check the kitchen. Does it have appliances like garbage disposal, a stove, a refrigerator or a dishwasher? Are they new? Are pets allowed in the building? If so, are there any fees to be paid. You may end up in a smaller apartment or rental house, and you’re going to need storage space to store your extra belongings. Some of the apartment have small or little storage; see if the management can provide a storeroom for a fee. Find out if laundry amenities are onsite or not, if washing machines are new or worn out. Also know whether the laundry system uses card or coins. Check if air conditioning is available, if not; ask the management if they allow their tenants to install air con units. Inspect the kitchen, see if the garbage disposal unit, stove, refrigerator or a dishwasher are available and in good working order. Also ask if pets are allowed inside the apartment, if so; determine if there are fees to be paid or not.

The third factor to check is the neighborhood. What is the access to public transportation like? Sometimes an ad might say that the rental apartment or house is “close to the subway/bus”, so it is better to walk it yourself to see exactly how far it is. Also check if the apartment is near grocery stores, restaurants, gym, drugstores and bars. Ads will say the apartment is “close to the subway/bus”, don’t easily believe it. Investigate the neighborhood; try taking a walk to see what the public transportation is like. Also check if the apartment is accessible to any grocery store, restaurants, gym, drugstore and bars.

You should also investigate the inhabitants living in the building where you plan to rent, know what types of people that live there. Recognize if they are students or middle class workers of a nearby establishment. Take time to visit the apartment at night to see if the noise level is tolerable. Also know how fast the landlord responds to repairs and maintenance in case you need something work done.

You might see some of these questions to be unnecessary but these should be answered to determine that the rental apartment perfectly suits you and your lifestyle.

For more information on apartments in Glen Allen, VA contact The Gardens.


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