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Things to Know Before Moving to an Apartment in Glen Allen, VA, Richmond, VA

Joseph Coupal - Monday, February 29, 2016

If you are considering moving to an apartment in Glen Allen, VA or elsewhere in the Richmond, VA area, there here a few things you really need to know.

1. It’s Officially One Of The Best Places In The World

One of only three U.S. locations on the list, Frommer’s declared that Richmond pretty much just kicks butt. They cited the city’s wealth of history on the Civil War and it’s growing slate of breweries as reasons why this city is a place you need to visit.

2. The National Is A Music-Lover’s Fantasyland

Looking for an intimate venue to spend time with your favorite band? The National has you covered. You’ll have a great view of the stage no matter where you sit.

The best part? They have seven full bars so you’ll never have to wait long for a drink. They can get pretty expensive, though, so swing by Gibson’s next door to pre-game before the show.

3. Richmonders Were Buying Fresh And Local Before You Were

The 17th Street Farmer’s Market has been pumping out local charm since 1737, making it one of the oldest public markets in the nation. Make sure to stop by Simply Delicious for one of their famous pound cakes.

4. There’s Nothing Wrong With Being The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep’s USS Brooklyn sub was featured on Man vs. Food because of its enormous size, but all the subs in this little shop are the size of battleships. Pro tip: Never order a “whole” anything, unless you’ve got at least three other friends to help you eat it.

5. Richmond Is The Redskins’ Stomping Ground During The Summer

They might belong to D.C., but the Redskins’ training camp is headquartered here. It’s open to the public, so grab the kids and hop on down to try and catch a pass from RGIII.

6. This City Is Becoming A Hipster Heaven

Let’s face it, hipsters are here to stay. You might as well embrace it. Richmond certainly has. You can find hordes of them hanging around Carytown at any given moment or painting murals down at the Selba Art Project.

7. Forget Redbox, Our $2 Movies Are Actually In Theaters

Ever wondered what it was like to watch a movie back in the old days? The Byrd Theater has that old-school feel (sticky floors and all) but shows recently released movies for only two bucks.

8. Richmond’s Wall Art Is Taking Over The World

Are you a fan of street murals? You will be soon. Every year the city hosts the Richmond Mural Project, with the goal of having over 100 murals painted by famous artists from all over the world in this fine city. Officials hope to make Richmond the top destination for murals in the States, nay, the world.

9. Our Rivers Are Prettier Than Yours

One of the most scenic natural beauties of the area, The James River Park System covers over 550 acres of shorelines and islands. Take a hike past the Virginia wetlands or a stroll through Pony Pasture Rapids with the kids.

During May the James plays host to Dominion Riverrock, an outdoor lifestyle festival with booths, athletes, live music and tons of activities for adults and kiddos.

10. Richmond Runs On Dixie Donuts

When you’re fixing for something sugary, doughy and delightful, Dixie has you covered.

11. African American History Is Rooted Deeply In Our Culture

Make sure you take the time to check out The Richmond Slave Trail for a dose of history that should never be forgotten. It’s a self-guided (but you can get a guide, too) walking trail that details the journey of former Africans brought to Virginia.

Find out the story of the courageous Henry “Box” Brown who was able to fool his captors by mailing himself in a box to freedom.

12. People From Richmond Are Racing Fanatics

If you love racing, this is the place to be. The Richmond International Raceway hosts the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and the Nationwide Series, so bring your grill and tailgate, and then head on over for a rip-roaring good time.

13. Richmonders Are Southerners Through And Through

Stepping across the line from NoVa to southern Virginia is akin to hopping a portal to another world. Richmond is a southern city through and through. Meaning that southern hospitality, confederate flags and, best of all, debutante balls still exist in these parts.

14. The River District Is Richmond’s Version Of Venice

There’s a lot to love about the River District, from the cute little shops to the fancy restaurants, but the best part of this area of town are the canal cruises. Hop on Riverfront Canal Cruises at night when the district is lit up for a romantic tour of the town.

15. The Sausages Are Cooked By Famous Actors

Jimmy Dean the Sausage King was from these parts. Most people don’t realize this, but the Sausage King was also a country music icon and an actor. He fought alongside James Bond, back in the Sean Connery era.

16. You’ll Think Millie’s Diner Is The Bee’s Knees

One of their drinks is actually called the Bee’s Knees. I’m told it’s like “sucking nectar from a honeysuckle blossom.” But with alcohol. Have you ever heard of anything so delicious in your life? Don’t worry, the food is fantastic, too!

17. Your Butt Is Safe Here

Residents of Northern Virginia used to live in fear of a man nicknamed “Corta Nalgas,” or the butt cutter. He would distract people and then stab them on the butt cheeks when they were least suspecting it. That only happens up north, not here. You’re safe.

18. But The Statue Might Scar You For Life

Every city and town in America has a statue or two somewhere in the city limits, but how many can say that theirs has the distinguishable honor of being able to terrify passing children?

The statue of Arthur Ashe was meant to honor his status as one of the first and greatest African American tennis players in history. Instead, they made him look like he was about to beat a bunch of praying children with a racket.

19. The Mountains Are Practically RIght Outside Our Doorstep

Sure, the western states might get all of the taller mountains, but do theirs turn blue? Nope, but ours do. At least from a distance.

20. And So Are The Beaches

If the mountains aren’t your thing, though, that’s fine because Richmond has beaches nearby too. If you stay close to the area they won’t be overwhelmed with tourists like a couple cities to the south. Looking at you, Norfolk.

21. Richmond’s Got Nightlife Aplenty

Richmond nightlife has been coming alive in recent years. The Tobacco Company serves as both a restaurant and a nightclub. If you go, make sure you play of game of blackjack for charity.

22. Folk Music, Free For Everyone!

Ah, the Folk Festival. Where else can you go to find traditional folk music combined with Hawaiian hula dancing? Nowhere. P.S. Admission is free.

23. Richmond’s Roads Are Better Than Yours. A Lot Better.

You know how most cities always have those disgruntled residents complaining about the horrendous rush hour traffic digging into their day? Those people don’t live here. The roads of Richmond are surprisingly well-kept and sparse.

Go ahead, hop on your bike and pound that pavement. It’s safe to ride here.

24. Good Gosh, We Love Festivals!

Seriously, have I mentioned the amount of festivals in this city? Here’s a few more you need to hit:

  • Arts in the Park
  • Richmond Jazz Festival
  • Henrico Kite Festival
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • America at Publick Days

25. We’ve Got All The Amenities Of Larger Cities, For Half The Price

Have you always wanted to live in a mansion on a modest income? That probably won’t happen here. But you will get a lot of bang for your buck.

What buys you a closet in New York will buy you an entire estate here.

26. You’ll Develop A Taste For Sweet Tea. You Don’t Have Much Choice.

Forgot soda and coffee--southerners love their sweet tea. Turning down an offer of a cup of tea is practically a federal offense. Just don’t do it.

For more information on 1 and 2 bedroom apartments in Glen Allen, VA, contact The Gardens.


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Formerly The Gardens at Twin Hickory

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