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Abberly Twin Hickory Apartments Reviews, Glen Allen - Richmond VA

We asked and you responded. Thanks for all the great feedback!

"Exceptionally quick service! Great job Arturo Pico and Brandon Berasi! Very much appreciated ... :)"

"Brendon fixed my oven light. He was at my apartment in a flash to fix it and was very polite as usual. He explained everything nicely as he did things. A pleasure to have work done by him. "

"Service technician, Pico, was courteous and kind, as always."

"Thank you for the prompt service and we appreciate it."

"Pico provided Excellent Service as usual"

"Brandon is one of our newer Team members, and I just wanted to let you know how meticulous he is about performing any tasks that he does. Recently I had 2 requests and he took care of both of them very professionally and pithing the same day of my request. Our Service Team here at Twin Hickory deserves to be recognized as the best!!!"

"Brad, Shane, and Brandon did an absolutely great job putting all my furniture back after my apt was painted. They got everything back exactly where it needed to go and even helped me lift some of my heavy paintings back onto the wall. That was super kind of them to do that... as it was “extra” for them to give me a hand with those...I was tired from lifting them all and all my other items before the painting could be done, and they gave me an extra hand getting it back together.. Very kind."

"Pico was here in a flash! Was polite and nice as usual."

"Pico came right away to do me job .. replace a peeling cabinet drawer, and he also took the time to take care of my blind that fell down which I had spoken to brad about earlier, and then my finger light went in as I was waiting for him to arrive and he fixed that too! Super fast service!"

"Pico was there in a flash! Extremely fast service. Very kind and polite as usual , also."

"Brad and Shane did a fantastic job putting my furniture and tv back in its proper place after phase of of my painting was done. I had told Brad before we moved my TV and antenna set up I was concerned it would work again properly if we unplugged it and moved it. I had been told previously if you did that it would have to have new codes put back in... which I couldn’t do. He took the time to explain it would be ok even though they were busy. Brad and Shane went the extra mile and made sure they plugged all my extension cords back in and the TV was exactly where it needed to be. Very kind if both of them! Thx! "

"Audrey was GREAT!!! No kidding, she took care of all my concerns and really helped me make the decision to move here. Thank you so much AUDREY"

"Shane responded to my request at the speed of light! Super fast! I wasn’t here when he came. He left the apartment very neat ... as always."

"All the service team did a nice job. I wasn’t there when it was completed but my apartment was left very neat . I’m not sure who participated in the service..... except i know Becky was there. I see her around the complex a lot... working very hard and she said she would be checking my apartment with the team.... so I can say she did a nice job. She is always very polite and helpful whenever I see her on the grounds. She makes an effort to always say hello and it’s nice she remembers my name. Makes living here like a home. It’s appreciated."

"Gordon did a very nice job. He arrived and worked hard even as a Tornado warning was happening ! He stayed on the job until brad called him to take cover! I offered my apartment to shelter in place... if needed. He was very polite and explained everything nicely. "

"As usual, Daniel did a fantastic job!! And, within hours of receiving my request."

"Pico did a great job with my dryer repair and was very thorough with the cleaning Nd trouble shooting he did. He was also very polite and explained everything thoroughly Not his fault I still had a problem. I need a new dryer. He helped to request one fir me. He was great. The dryer is a fault and that company"

"Daniel came very quickly and did a a good job assessing the situation. The extra heat I was noticing on the refrigerator wasn’t as hot that day so I’ll watch it and see if it dies it another time.. he checked a few things and told me to call if I see it again. Was thorough and very polite... as always and takes the time to explain everything nicely ."

"Pico has replaced Three Outlet plate and Master Closet Light bulb.Excellent Service!"

"Pico was doing the work when I was not at the apartment, but he did a nice job. He’s always pleasant when he comes to do service in your apartment and when you see him on the property"

"I continue to be impressed with how promptly my service requests have been completed. This was the third request I've submitted and all have been completed the same day. Thanks for the great service!"

"Pics did. Really great job. He was very personable and polite and explained everything he fixed very completely. He also took care of my light situation in Hallway outside my door that had been blown out for a few weeks. I was waiting for that to be fixed fir safety reasons and he took care of it immediately! Which was fantastic. He was extremely kind and helpful to address that situation so promptly for me. It showed kindness and concern for residents here. A very nice agility to have in your maintenance team."

"The service was completed quickly and efficiently. Very please with the work completed. Super friendly maintenance technician!"

"There was one small item outstanding when they left and they came back and fixed it immediately"

"Arturo did a wonderful job cleaning our balcony. It looks awesome. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!"

"Just moved in and you would think no one had ever lived in the apartment before. It was spotless. The staff in the office is so helpful and considerate. Even brought my cable equipment into the apartment when it was delivered prior to my move in date. Excellent service!"

"Shane did a very nice job on my request. He was pleasant and polite. We were unable get my security light fixed out in my hallway by my apartment at this appointment , but I was left information about that on my card, to connect with Brad for more information regarding that repair and when it can be done. It is going to take more time to get the done. Everything else was done nicely."

"Daniel is always so helpful and personable! As usual, the job was completed in a timely manner and I have nothing but high marks to give our Twin Hickory Maintenance Team!"

"Quick, friendly, courteous, accurately! "

"Very happy with how quickly the service call was completed and the repair was done exactly as we hoped. Thanks! "

"Cheryl Brooks is a wonderful asset to your organization. She is not only friendly but helpful as well. As a black female I don't feel welcome when looking for apartments. I could have been purple Cheryl made me feel welcome and accepted at our first meeting."

"Daniel did an outstanding job replacing our thermostat, making sure all bases were covered with the installation, Thank you!!"

"Service team was very friendly and quick to respond. "

"Cheryl and maintenance team has been extremely friendly and helpful."

"Picco did a great job. He's friendly , helpful, polite and does very good work."

"This was the routine filter change, smoke alarm test etc. Daniel was efficient, diligent and friendly."

"David was here as I was moving in to make sure everything was working properly. Great experience with Audrey and whole team."

"Shane got us taken care of...always professional and personable!"

"Shane did a very nice job. He was very polite also. "

"Excellent service"

"Good job, Daniel! He was very courteous and knowledgeable on what he needs to do to fix the issue on time."

"Daniel did a great job as always! I couldn’t tell if my smoke detector was working or not and Daniel double checked to make sure. I appreciate the extra check and his making sure my safety is a priority. Nice service. Appreciate the very quick response also! Always a great job by Daniel"

"Daniel was very polite as usual and did a great job with me service requests. He is always pleasant and a pleasure to work with"

"Daniel completed service within the first hour after my call . T was very pleased with his work and quick attention to the problem"

"Daniel is superb! Based on his professionalism, hard to believe he is only 20."

"Excellent service by technician Mr.Daniel. Five star rating."

"Daniel did an excelled job and was very professional in his work! I thank him for his quick response to my maintenance needs!"

"A "thank you" to Cheryl and the maintenance team for my installation of the bar in the shower I requested. Daniel and Pico did an excellent job and were efficient and professional in their work!"

"The two people who came today were very cordial and efficient. Great Service!"

"Not sure who was on the service team that did the preventative work... I wasn’t there... but my apartment was left clean as always"

"Pico is the best! Always helpful, kind, friendly and considerate! Thanks Pico!"

"Shane is referring us to the office for the exterminator to come. Very personable!! Thanks!"

"Becky did a really nice job. The apartment was left in perfect order. I wasn’t there at the time of the appointment but Becky is always very kind and courteous and helpful on all appointments here, as well as when I see her around the property she is smiling and polite all the time. A pleasure to have in your staff."

"This repair to a GFI outlet required a team effort and Abberly Twin Hickory service technicians stayed with the task until the issue was resolved. Thanks for the prompt and conscientious work."

"Submitted my request for service for a broken refrigerator shelf and shortly thereafter Daniel arrived. As always, he was thoughtful and informative with the information that he shared. He diagnosed the problem and immediately returned with the needed part. Thanks for such efficient and competent service. "

"They did a great job repairing the ceiling. It looks great!"

"Daniel was very prompt and very polite and explained everything very thoroughly. He is a pleasure to work with and the part of the job he completed was done very nicely and extremely fast service despite cold weather and rough weather keeping everyone busy at Abberly Twin Hickory. Thanks"

"Daniel took care of cleaning our master bath vent and blew out the dryer vent. Date will be set to repair ceiling. Daniel is always so polite and personable!"

"Our Service team here at Abberly Twin Hickory is really the best. Outstanding customer service."

"The service technician, Pico, arrived just a little more than an hour after we've logged our service request. He arrived with the needed equipments and was able to fix our concern within a few minutes. We're so happy and satisfied with the quick service."

"They not only came and completed the job requested, but answered all of my questions as well."

"Shane and Brad came within 40 minutes of my request. They were very polite as always, and did a great job. Thanks for the extremely FAST service. "

"Shane checked outlet. Showed me the GFI tripped. Good job Shane. Thank you."

"Thanks so much as always!!"

"Preventive maintenance...thanks!!"

"Service Team performs at a very high profession standard with corresponding results"

"This was a follow up visit with Daniel to replace a faulty coil in our HVAC. Part came in and installed as he organized the follow up date for. Always impressed with Daniel and he is a great asset to the HHHunt team. Thanks!"

"Pico is always very courteous and does a very nice job all the time. A pleasure to have him do the work."

"I have been extremely pleased with the courteous, friendly, and efficient service provided. In addition to my requested needs, the on-going care, upkeep of the grounds and overall maintenance of this complex continues to reinforce my choice of making Abberly Twin Hickory my home."

"Daniel replaced our lock quickly and is always so personable!"

"Becky stopped in to perform the sprinkler inspection. All in good order. Thanks!"

"The technician who came out to assist me was very friendly, kind, and thorough. He was so patient in answering all my questions and taking the time to show me what he was doing. He even noticed some small issues in my unit and voluntarily took care of them. And, since I’m a new tenant, he took the time to explain how some things work in the apartment to make my time here more comfortable. There is an issue with the washing machine that requires the assistance of the company leasing the machine. He was even kind enough to call the company instead of telling me to just call myself. Pico was just the best. Thank you, Pico!"

"This was a visit for additional troubleshooting for a leak. Daniel thinks he has it located and will be replacing the coil. Scheduled a return visit for that in a week. Terrific young man and appreciate his attention for details!"

"Right before we were going to send in a help request as our unit was getting warm and not cooling off, Daniel knocked at the door to help us out! This was a proactive stop as he noticed our HVAC system was icing over. Refrigerant was low and he added freon to get us cooled down. He is scheduling a follow up for components to be replaced. I was so blown away with the timing of his stop and being proactive to help us out. Daniel is certainly an amazing asset to the maintenance team with HH Hunt! Thanks so very much!!!!"

"We were happy with the speed of the response and repair. "

"Pico is the best !! He repaired the breezeway ceiling light in front of my apartment & informed that he had repaired it. My Yorkie now feels safe to go out at night again !"

"Daniel was very courteous and did a great job. He goes the extra mile all the time."

"Daniel is always so pleasant , and explains everything very clearly. Did a nice job, as always."

"Daniel came really quickly after the request and did a very nice job. Knob in kitchen working well now after being replaced."

"Thank you for the prompt and efficient response to my service request. The card left for me is appreciated as well!"

"We had a issue with half of an outlet not working. The top of the outlet was functional with a wall switch, but the bottom half did not work and were concerned with there being a loose wire. The first visit was within 24 hours but unable to correct as it was a wiring issue but was assured not unsafe. Today, Brad and Shane came by and rewired the circuit to correct. Left everything perfect. We are just here temporarily between homes, while waiting on our home to be completed by HHHunt. Being used to have to repair everything myself all the time, this is like living at a resort, and all I can say is you guys rock! Will miss having such an awesome group of maintenance folks to call. Thank you!!!"

"Very responsive and pleasant"

"My service request went in over a holiday weekend and was not aware of of the emergency phone number to request service and seems I submitted the request incorrectly using the email on the first page. Notified by the front office and she helped me with filling out a form to correct notification request, then it was only a couple hours for response. Daniel did an awesome job correcting our HVAC issues. Very happy!!!! Thank you very much!"

"Daniel was there in a flash ..and did a very nice job! Thanks for the fast service!"

"Am very happy living here!"

"Daniel is an outstanding young professional by any measures "

"After calling the service line in the morning, we were contacted within 5 minutes. Willy advised us he had another job and would be over after that. When he arrived, he was very professional and quickly identified the problem and replaced the AC capacitor. This was our first experience needing to use the maintenance department and I was very impressed. Willy definitely lived up to the team's great reputation!"

"Willy did a very nice job. He was at my apartment to fix my smoke alarm going off since early am.....beofre hours. Appreciated the quick response."

"Daniel did a fantastic job. He was at my apartment within 45 mins to fix my ac problem. He left with my ac turned back on for me. Very kind. Appreciated the very quick service! "

"The professional, efficient, courteous, and friendly handling of the entire transaction. Couldn't be more pleased!"

"Daniel came out and did a great job, is super friendly and is a great asset to HHHunt."

"My family would like to Appreciate Mr.Willy who answered our emergency request call and came in early morning (5 am) itself & fixed our air conditioning which was not working properly."

"The maintenance team always does a great job and on schedule. They completed the work and left a friendly card confirming what they had done. Thank you for taking such good care of the residents!"

"Becky did a really great job. She is always smiling, and does a very thorough and neat job. She is extremely polite and courteous every time she shows up at your door to work. She is a pleasure to have her come and work in my apartment. She is also very trustworthy. "

"Again, excellent service was provided by the Apt. Office staff & the maintenance group in response to my list of repairs requested. I continue to be impressed with the 24 hour turn around service at this complex - Willy was my Service Technician most recently. Also, Pico came the day before to fix the garbage disposal per my emergency call and advised that the staff could remove the old commode seat for me when I was having trouble with it trying to install my new one. The staff here go above and beyond what other apartment maintenance staff are willing to do. They also are very professional/pleasant and get repairs done in record time whenever possible. Thank you."

"Becky is so polite and nice. I always know I can trust her in my apartment, and she will do a fantastic job. But it is especially enjoyable to work with her as she is do cheerful and friendly all the time. She is a very hard worker"

"The work was done well, as usual."

"Willy did a good job. He knew why our garbage disposal was stopped up and proceeded to empty the trap."

"Willie did an outstanding job installing our new sink, along with caulking, and repainting. Thank you again!"

"Very satisfied with repair and prompt service!"

"We just moved in after relocating from Bermuda. The team here is amazing. "

"Peter went beyond the call of duty excellent work"

"Thank you for great service."

"They were very friendly and quick"

"Great service as always. Thank you!"

"As always every thing was perfect. Pete and Willie did a great job."

"Good job. Thanks a bunch. "

"Our AC unit was low on R-22, he was dispatched as an emergency call since it was on a Sunday. Thank you Willy for correcting the problem so quickly!"

"Willy responded in an hour of me sending the request for service. He was friendly and helped us out a lot!"

"Pete is awesome and professional outstanding work"

"Pete replaced burned out light bulbs promptly and even brought in a package left at my door, which was very much appreciated."

"Great, timely, friendly service...every time. Thanks, Pete!"

"This is why I am still living at Abberly Twin Hickory in twin hickory after nearly 10 years - the maintenance is outstanding "you say, "let there be light, so you can see in your computer area", and pete arrives - thanks so much Pete. You, and the rest of the maintenance are always there for us - "rain, sleet, or snow"! The office staff is always available to take care of each of us. Thanks to all the office staff & maintenance for "a job well done" again."

"We needed some paint and we were going to pick it up at the office but Pete delivered it to our door"

"Our AC wasn't working and it was fixed within an hr and a half"

"Pete did an excellent job replacing our vertical blinds, always dedicated. You are appreciated Pete Gallagher for all you do for us!"

"Pico did an outstanding job with our A/C service request. The job was completed in an expedient matter, as well as knowing what was needed, a capacitor. We are very pleased, and thank you."

"Willy was very helpful, friendly and informative. "

"Pete is amazing! He climbs his Ladder, and removes a few things from my Kitchen Light - like dead Light Tubes - Cobwebs - and says, "Let THERE BE LIGHT", AND GUESS - there is LIGHT!!!! Thank You so much, Pete. Keep-up the outstanding Service you provide - through HEAT or SNOW. "Welcome to our neighborhood!!!""

"Willy was fast, efficient, and very personable. He was also thoughtful enough to remove his shoes before walking on the carpet."

"This is positively the BEST apartment I have had (now 5 over a period of 20 years) in Virginia. Wonderful apartment, great office and maintenance personnel, lovely grounds. I HIGHLY recommend these apartment! Alexander Cerrone :) "

"Willy fixed the problem fast! He was very polite and personable. Thanks!"

"The request for service was filled promptly. It was a simple bulb replacement; but the technician was in and out quickly and even clarified some questions I had."

"Fast Fix. Service great! Thanks"

"Excellent service. "

"Great job as always. Efficient and professional ! Thank you!"

"Quick and satisfactory service "

"Pico diagnosed the ceiling leak by the computer hutch, "touched it up" to invisibility, turned the pond geyser fountain back on with 10 out 10 out of 10 professionalism!!"

"Maintenance has always been promptly responsive and reliable during my stay here. I appreciate that."

"Pico, has made this ol'lady very happy by putting in a New Faucet in my Kitchen that makes my Kitchen look so much better. Also I now have Light again on my Patio, because Pico also replaced my Bulb. Well Done, Pico. You are a wonderful Part of the Maintenance Team. You always make me Smile when you do Maintenance for me, because you always seem so happy. Thanks, Pico."

"The gentlemen who maintain the homes are courteous, professional and are always available when needed. They should be commended!"

"As always, service was done efficiently and completely. A card was left and request to complete survey which is a nice touch the service team provides."

"Service here has always been excellent, and very courteous and efficient work! Thank you! "

"Where else would you find a sweet valentine treat outside your front door? Thanks. Just another reason I’m still living here after 9 years. Best place ever...staff, service all top notches. Keep up your outstanding "everything". Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you."

"Sprinkler Inspection completed during the Time told to the Residents in our Monthly Newsletter, and Blasts. Pete's sense of Humor will always make someone's day better! Also I'd like to say THANK YOU to all the Guy( Male & Female) spending HOURS in the SNOW, and BITTER COLD to make it easier for those living here to get around. I saw 4 Robins this morning, and "told" them not to let US down - that Spring is really going to come to VA. early this year!!!!! TOTAL STAFF is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!"

"As always, service was completed promptly and completely. The team was polite and helpful, as always. The team is a real asset to the property!"

"I'm answering this on behalf of my mom because she doesn't do much on the internet, but she was very pleased with how quickly the technician came to check on her A/C (like within 10 minutes of her call!) and was also pleased that he followed up the next day. She thinks you guys are the best and so do I... I really appreciate how responsive you are to her when she needs help. Y'all are awesome ! Beth Angell, Doris ("Dot") Angell's daughter (P.S. Sorry I'm so slow returning this info...things got crazy around Christmas and I just now came across the survey card again)"

"Excellent work done timely and completely. The work area was left clean. Great Job! Thank you."

"Great service as usual. Love Abberly Twin Hickory Maintenance Team...Efficient, Responsive, Knowledgeable...It is indeed a great to have...Thank you all..."

"A Service Call produced OUTSTANDING RESULTS thanks to Pete & Willie. And "this ol' Granny" will have a good nights sleep tonight , because the Fan Motor in the Freezer has been replaced. The quick response to Service Requests is just another reason why I am in my 9th year as a very happy Renter. The Service Technicians are Top Of The Line; and it is always how nice, and friendly they are, which says to me that they are themselves Happy to be working at Abberly Twin Hickory. The Office Team goes above and beyond in all the things they do for the Residents. As I've always said, "I'll be here until y'all carry me out!" Thanks to each of you for ALL YOU DO at Abberly Twin Hickory to make it a wonderful Home for so many of us."

"Brad & Pico were wonderful! They explained everything they were doing and worked efficiently and effectively. Great service!"

"I was very pleased with how quickly my "sick" microwave was replaced. A loaner was brought almost immediately and the true replacement came soon thereafter. It was a nice little surprise when I came home from being out that it had been installed."

"Prompt and satisfactorily resolved!"

"Very fast response and quick fix. Thanks!"

"Willie was prompt and solved the plugged bathroom sink drain with his usual high level of proficiency and courtesy!"

"I was present during the time the service occurred. The service person was friendly and completed the work satisfactorily. I called the front office and he showed up within a few hours, so I am very appreciative of the quick response. My dishwasher was not working and he fixed it quickly!"

"JOB WELL DONE, PETE. Thanks so much for making my apartment - "my apartment" - with no added uninvited Guests!!! You did an OUTSTANDING PER USUAL job checking all "points of entry" - behind Dryer & Washer; under the Carpet in certain areas - inside the AC & Heating Panel - outside other "Points of Entry". You returned all the Furniture to its correct location . Also Thanks for leaving me this Note: "Wear your Medical Bracelet when you go out!!!! - it was sitting on the Bar. See they do CARE about you at Abberly Twin Hickory. Guess that's why I'm going into my 9th year."

"Quick reply to request. Thank you!"

"I always receive and appreciate the fast and friendly service your team provides."

"Thank you for the speedy service. Well done"

"Thanks for your prompt service!"

"Such lovely staff, beyond being good at their jobs they are good at maintaining a community you feel cared for in. Such a personal presence beyond a business."

"Mr. Willey did a great day. Thanks "

"We just wanted to give a special thanks to Audrey, our amazing leasing consultant! First impressions always make a lasting impression in my opinion, and Audrey definitely won us over! The neighborhood is terrific, the apartment was in top notch move-in condition. Moving can be extremely stressful, but this has been such an easy transition (Thank you Audrey!). Highly recommend!!"

"Really great service !! :)"

"Thanks Pete for installing the grab bar in the master bathroom! Great safety feature for me!"

"Thanks Pete! Appreciate your replacing the door sweep to prevent the bugs from getting in my apartment via the door and for caulking!! Thanks so much!"

"With - in 1 hour of calling the office, and speaking to Cheryl about my air conditioner showing 80 degrees in my apartment Pete arrived - knew exactly what the problem was; and unfortunately had to go out in the heat to replace a very important part. It was fixed in no time - he came inside, and checked vent reading. Opened up the inside panel - checked a number of things, and told me how everything worked. Pete is totally "on-top" of the ac problems, when they happen here at Abberly Twin Hickory day & night. Where else could you live, and have service done to your satisfaction within an hour. This tells you why I’ve been living 8 years. Where do you receive service like this?"

"This is why i like living at Abberly Twin Hickory. They tell you when service is going to be performed, so you can plan around it; or move furniture to make it easier for them to take care of the issues that they are there for. Becky was in-and-out in record time when she came for the filter change. she was nice enough to use the special filter that i had bought due to my COPD. good job, Becky."

"Pete is quick, thorough, cheerful, and friendly. Great guy. Great service."

"Thank you for coming so quickly! Appreciate it!"

"High Service Team proficiency is noted with appreciation"

"Surprising fast !"

"A very special thank you to Cheryl for catching Willie, and Peco as they were leaving after a very busy day to please come, and fix my toilet that was refilling very slowly. It was hard for me to remove the heavy cover, and fill the tank, because of my hand surgery. You all never fail me...that's why I’m still living here after 8+ years. Thanks a million."

"Excellent Maintenance Staff, all of them are great !!"

"Quick response and repairs completed satisfactorily. Thanks so much."

"As always, prompt attention to my request. Another job well done by a blindingly brilliant crew!"

"Everything was perfect. Very happy in my new digs!"

"Pete: Thanks so much for another GREAT Service Request being taken care of ASAP. Now I won't get lost in my closet!!!"

"Very impressed with the service I received from the leasing office. They were very professional and everything was communicated professionally. I love my apartment and the community. I am happy I choose to make Abberly Twin Hickory my home! Thank you"

"Love,Love love the team at Abberly Twin Hickory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

"Thank You for doing a outstanding job."

"Thank You for all that you do to keep this community beautiful."

"I believe you have the best team Abberly Twin Hickory."

"Willy did an outstanding job of thwarting the attempts of any birds in building nests in the breezeway. Outstanding job, Willy! "

"Peter the service technician did an excellent job of correcting the problem with the leak in the kitchen sink. He was most professional and courteous and was certain to leave the apartment in clean condition. He is a valued associate of the H.H.Hunt family. "

"The maintenance here is awesome. I've had 3 things done and the response is always by the next day, with excellent follow-up when required. I am very happy to know that I can count on help when I need it. "

"I was very impressed with the community. I had looked all day for a place to live and as soon as I drove into the community and saw the appearance of the units and its surrounding communities, I knew I had arrived "home." I appreciated Audrey's attention to details and patience in answering my questions - during the visit and after going home. I look forward to living at Abberly Twin Hickory. "

"The door looks great with a fresh coat of paint. Thanks "

"I love this place and should fill these out for all of the staff. But, this one is for Pete who saved my dog's life (6 lb. Yorkie named Yogi) by rescuing him from the sewer on Sunday. With the fall, his harness had slipped off. Pete lowered himself into the sewer and retrieved him without a moments hesitation. In turn, he saved my life with his act of special act of kindness because my dog means the world to me. Amazingly, Yogi is fine with no signs of the trauma. We make sure now to be especially cautious around those gutters! Pete is an angel. I cannot thank him enough."

"We love our space at Abberly Twin Hickory. The only thing I would have done differently is to choose the 3 BR to give us more space. We are now solving that by using a garage. We also like the feeling of being part of a neighborhood. Everyone in the leasing office and on the maintenance staff is so nice. I have had the most interaction with Janine, Crystal, and Audrey. All three ladies are fabulous. Audrey was our leasing consultant and she was so kind and helpful. We feel like we are among friends at Abberly Twin Hickory and are glad we made this our home! "

"The tour was very informative. I hope to be able to join the community. "

"Love the easier sliding of the glass door!"

"Willy did a great job with cleaning up a dirty floor that we found when we moved in. He also help correct an issue with the bins in the refrigerator.."

"You guys are the best!"

"I'm very pleased with the service. Thank you. "

"The repair was done well and in a timely fashion."

"They did great as always. "

"Service people did a great job!"

"Leasing consultant Cheryl Brooks did a wonderful job facilitating this entire process from start to finish. Many thanks! :)"

"Everything is handled so professionally and with care. The management staff is outstanding and so efficient and responsive. So well done!"

"Super job, as always. "

"Renting an apartment without seeing it was somewhat unnerving. Audrey and Janine were very informative and put in the extra to make sure my needs were met. The apartment was move in ready and exceptionally clean. Thank you for your professional attitude and makes my this stay - a pleasure. "

"Thanks a lot for the prompt service "

"I met with leasing consultant Cheryl Brooks on 4/20/2015 and was completely satisfied with the experience. Cherly facilitated the entire process with her willingness to help complete the forms, tour, explanations, and to answer any questions that I had. Overall, a wonderful customer experience. :) "

"Job well done. "

"Well done, with efficiency, expertise and courtesy."

"Everyone was great, and very flexible to meet our needs! Thank you!"

"The Staff both in the office and maintenance are First Class. They always treat you with Respect. Usually they are the first to speak to you with a Smile. Keep up the Good Work !!"

"Maintenance staff Jamie and Pete are the BEST! I've lived in many apartment complexes, and I have never had service as great as at Abberly Twin Hickory. Not only are they totally competent, but they are the nicest guys and always seem to be smiling. The leasing office staff is equally wonderful. They are quick to respond to my questions and requests, and they are very helpful and super nice. Thanks especially to Cheryl and Audrey, who have made our year living here very easy!"

"I appreciated the prompt response...thank you!"

"Maintenance was completed with no problems."

"Excellent, speedy service!"

"I am an apartment junkie, meaning I would rather Rent an apartment than live in a house, hands down This is the BEST complex I have ever lived in. The friendly and efficient staff (both office and maintenance) are second To none in my experience. "

"Y'all are great!"

"Thanks a lot for the quick and prompt service"

"Great service. Quick response and good workmanship. Appreciate the pleasant attitude of the serviceman."

"On both service calls what the guys do was great. Better than I hoped."

"Audrey was very helpful!"

"Completed quickly and sufficiently. Card was not needed because I was present. Thank you!"

"This was a wonderful place and experience. I felt very welcome and if I could have at the time would have signed immediately. I'm looking at June and was given all options available."

"Thanks so much Pico for the service you provided on Feb27 for replacing kitchen light bulbs and cover! Really appreciate your fast service! Great job!"

"Sorry, I need the word EXCELLENT for this survey to describe Abberly Twin Hickory, my space, general maintenance, personal leasing office staff, personal mainenance staff,etc. (Double excellent for all the employers). I have been here over ten years so I would say I am well-qualified to say excellent or more. What a great bunch to have taking care of me, terrific workers, personality and above all the "caring". "

"Peter & Pico are really professionals when they come in for repairs and the best part is that they always have a solution :) ...Thank you"

"Pete & Pico did their usual outstanding Service - performed quickly - cleaned-up when they were finished. But the Best part was seeing both of the happy, and smiling - even after an almost full day of Service Requests. This is what makes living at Abberly Twin Hickory so outstanding; and why after nearly 8 years I would never think of moving. I know I don't have to worry about any Service Issues - they will always be taken care of in a very professional manner. The Service Team works hand-in-hand with the Property Managers, and Marketing Representatives. This is what I call TEAM WORK. WAY TO GO!!!!!"

"Always a great job on all my service calls!"

"Having young kids above us constantly jumping, running and screaming for over two years (and counting) has grown very tiring, as has the frequent noise and presence of renovation workers, but other than that, we are happy and enjoy the high quality facilities available to us."

"We love living here. Everybody in the office and the maintenance crew is so nice and keep up the property so well. Thanks to you all."

"The service we last had was actually the of the maintenance representative. I'm happy that he caught the need of the repair."

"My comments are concerning the wonderful, outstanding Valentine's Dinner, catered by The Grapevine, that Abberly Twin Hickory Office Staff provided for many Residents, and their Families last evening. This after working a Full Day. Setting up with decorated tables, flowers, and serving each guest. This just shows you how dedicated the Staff is to provide added Events for the Residents. This is why I'm going into my 8th year at Abberly Twin Hickory. Very,very dedicated Office, and Maintenance Staff - always working as A Team. Thanks so much."

"GREAT PARTY. Let's do it every Thursday Night . I Loved all of the 19 year girls serving the food. Send them to my place Anytime."

"Really enjoyed the Valentine dinner "

"The party was well organized and the staff was friendly. I enjoyed every bit of the evening and the food tasted amazing."

"Good work, nice people, as always."

"Pete and Pico unclogged my bathroom sink, replaced hot water knob on kitchen sink, adjusted oven thermometer and checked oven dial. We always appreciate how quickly maintenance responds to our needs and the good job they do. Thanks!"

"The maintenance team did a wonderful job as always"

"We love the Service staff @ Gardens. Pete and Pico completed the work which have requested and even scheduled the appointment during the service call with the ceiling repair on 2/17. As always excellent work.. "

"Cheryl was so warm and personable and gave us all the info we needed! Really enjoyed seeing the property and plan to get back in touch with her!"

"Prompt and courteous service as always!"

"We have really enjoyed our time at Abberly Twin Hickory. All of the staff members are so friendly and helpful. The community is very well kept and always looks amazing. It's a very nice place to live and our unit has worked really well for us while we look for our next house. Cheryl was so helpful helping us with our lease. Lauren is so friendly every time we go pick up packages that were left at the office. Audrey is always available to answer questions. Pete and the entire maintenance team are so helpful anytime we have a problem with our apartment. We also love how pet friendly the community is. We would definitely recommend Abberly Twin Hickory!"

"Well done."

"One of the best,most professional staffs ( office and maintenance ) I have come across I f one were building a dream team - here it is"

"The maintenance team is always great. They are wonderful to work with. I have been here almost three years and am very pleased."

"Unbelievably fast service. I dealt with a lot of really incompetent vendors today at work, so it was such a relief to come home, find my issue fixed, and know that there are people out there who care and do an exceptional job. Thank you so much."

"Professional, knowledgeable, and respectful. get the job done quickly and up to full satisfaction."

"Thank you for the quick service."

"Very impressed- Pico came by within an 1 hour of my service request. I was here at the time so there was no need to leave a survey card."

"Great service today! The service tech arrived within 15 minutes and was so nice and helpful. I really appreciate Lauren at the office having him come so quickly and Pico, the service tech, for doing such a nice job. I really am impressed by the quality of the people who work here at Abberly Twin Hickory! "

"Can't complain at all. Everything was perfect and went extremely smoothly - very important during the stressful moving process. Thanks so much."

"I logged a request around 9 am that morning and it was done before I came back for lunch around 1pm. Thanks for the fast response."

"Everyone is always very kind and helpful no matter what the situation is. If I need assistance I am helped immediately, and everyone goes the extra mile to make sure I am satisfied. Abberly Twin Hickory always looks clean and beautiful, and I'm proud to call this home. I feel that the staff always makes me feel at home, and safe. I feel if I would ever need help, they would always be there to help me, and I have had a situation in the past while living here, that the staff came to my aid like family. This is like a family to me here!"

"I received the normal superior service from the maintenance staff. Thank you"

"Pico and Willy took care of my service need right away and I am well pleased. Many thanks."

"The maintenance guys always do friendly and conscientious service."

"Pico was at my apartment in a flash!! He was very polite and helpful, and corrected my problem right away. I've been extremely happy with all my service calls. One of the many reasons why I like living Abberly Twin Hickory!"

"Highly satisfied"

"Pleased with the toddlers and kids friendly amenities and maintenance service in Gardens! Great place to live in."

"Excellent maintenance service. Very Swift"

"Please keep up the prompt responses and commitments. All the best."

"Repair was completed promptly. "

"Fantastic service. I put in a request in the morning and my window blinds were replaced by 1PM. Very quick and to my satisfaction."

"Nice job. Happy Holidays."

"Thank you so much willy for putting-up my reserved parking sign this morning. I really appreciate it, as does my family. As this "ol granny" continues to live here at Abberly Twin Hickory little things like this makes life a little easier, and safer. I appreciate my pulmonary doctor finally getting the paperwork to audrey steel, so she could make the request to hhhunt headquarters, and brad lahocki for taking care of the final details. This team work shows why Abberly Twin Hickory is the best place to live in glen allen. I found that out 8 yeats ago, and i am not going anywhere hopefully in the near future!!!! I hope each, and everyone of "your community team" have a wonderful holiday, and may 2015 be another year for Abberly Twin Hickory. My best to each of you, "trouble""

"Lauren, helped me finalizing apartment and getting thing done on time. I wanted to move as soon as possible and lauren did all paper work so quickly and make it possible. Even she was out of office but she copied crystal to take care of my paper work. Both did very good, good team work with great communication. "

"Thank you for the quick service. "

"Very nice apartments"

"Thanks a lot for the quick and the prompt service."

"Service was attended to that same morning that I called and we were very satisfied. The staff is always courteous and efficient."

"Pica did such an excellent job cleaning the patio! Thank you for the service."

"Great service- very friendly too!! Thanks so much!"

"Pico did a terrific job. He replaced blinds for me and he has done service in my apartment before and he is a wonderful man. He is very courteous and professional. Thank you, Kami"

"Pete is great. He's quick and efficient as well as being very personable."

"The staff at Abberly Twin Hickory are very interested in making their community a great place to live. Maintenance department do a wonderful job should any issues arise. Pool and gym are maintained very well and always looking to be improved upon which has recently been upgraded. We lived at Abberly Twin Hickory on 2 separate occasions in between home ownership and would go back if needed."

"Thanks for the quick response."

"I cannot, CANNOT express enough what remarkable people work for Abberly Twin Hickory. My home community is excellently kept inside-out! Love living here, I hope management, leasing consultants, repair technicians remain here as I know they make living here a true pleasure. "

"Service team is professional,courteous, and provide excellent quality maintenance. A class act!!! "

"The staff in the leasing office are very cordial and professional. I appreciate their willingness to "go the extra mile"."

"Thank you for prompt and tidy maintenance. "

" Pete is awesome - thanks for your service!"

" Mrs. Crystal Howk was very accommodating and receptive to me. I had just moved to Richmond, VA, from CA and she made Abberly Twin Hickory feel like home. It was a smooth transition for me."

"I have NEVER, ever lived in such a well maintained property. Management here is ON THE BALL IN EVERY SINGLE DETAIL. They truly care about the details of EVERY RESIDENT. I feel at home, I feel supported by EVERY PERSON WHO WORKS HERE... We have been living here now for 45 days and WOULD NOT TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD... BEST COMPLEX MANAGEMENT EVER!!!! "

"Thank Jamie for me - just a stupid mistake on my part and I'm really glad he could come so quickly to help. Thanks again."

"Jamie did a wonderful job as usual. "

"Highly satisfied with turn around time & service. "

"A broken dishwasher repaired and like new in less than a day, at no cost to me and no effort on my part. Incidents like this remind me of the benefits of renting. And thanks to Jamie for always being spot-on with his kindness and professionalism."

"Good service!!"

"I love it here. Have lived in 30 other leased homes and this is the most consistently well maintained one of all. The management and staff couldn't be more courteous and professional and genuinely interested in residents' welfare. It's great to come home to here."

"Wonderful experience!"

"The service team has always been excellent and timely. They are very respectful of personal property and I am comfortable about them in and out of my residence when I am not there."

"The service team always does a super job!"

"Thanks Willy for cleaning up in front of my patio! Great job and I really appreciate your prompt attention to this!"

"All of the staff over the phone and in person were very nice, and accommodating!"

"I placed a service request late on a Friday afternoon. I thought there was a possibility that they might not be able to respond that day; however, upon my return from an errand I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had come and completed the job."

"Within the hour Jamie replaced the dying fluorescent kitchen lights!! Doesn't get better than that! Thank you, Ron and Debbie McPhee"

"Abberly Twin Hickory is a great place to live. The office staff and the maintenance staff are excellent. I would very much recommend this property to those currently looking to lease an apartment. Jeff G."

"I hope to live here for the rest of my life."

"We were present when Jamie came promptly to replace battery on gas monitor! Prompt, quick and courteous as always! "

"The staff at Abberly Twin Hickory are very friendly and courteous. They are very efficient and address any issues or questions you may have in a timely manner."

"My husband and I visited about 7-8 other apartment communities. NONE CAME CLOSE to the professionalism, attentiveness, caring and support as we found HERE! The office personnel, EVERY SINGLE PERSON REPRESENTING Abberly Twin Hickory TRULY REPRESENT THE COMMUNITY WITH CARE, PROFESSIONALISM AND GREAT HONOR!... The community manager, Ms. Brooks was especially welcoming, Lauren exceptionally informative, and every other person in the office was incredibly supportive, informative, ready to assist! We felt at home. We love our unit and remain excited to be here. Thank you!"

"I requested the service be done on a specific day that is why it wasn't completed in 24 hours. Willie did a great job!! He is very friendly and nice to speak with. Glad he joined the team."

"Thank you for the quickly fixing my disposal, I appreciate your response!"

"All the staff in the garden are nice and friendly. Love the way they deal with our problem ,always there to listen and act. Thank you The Garden team you are really appreciated."

"The service team are wonderful. Polite, effective and friendly. "

" We love it here! No complaints whatsoever!"

"Thanks for taking care of the move-in items that I identified so quickly."

" The service at Abberly Twin Hickory is always prompt, courteous and professional. We enjoy living at Abberly Twin Hickory as the entire staff are always attentive to our needs. The grounds ans the apartments are exceptionally well kept and we thank them for making our life enjoyable and safe."

"Moving to Abberly Twin Hickory has been great. "

"Helpful and friendly"

"Jamie did a wonderful job, and we were extremely happy with the service. "

"We love living here. One floor apartments suit us so well. We also like that maintenance, even emergency maintenance is so fast and the staff are all so personable. The groups are kept beautifully and our neighbors are all very nice. You're stuck with us for a while!"

"Jamie did a great job finding the problem with our dishwasher. He ended up replacing ours with another and the problem of water remaining in the bottom seems to have been resolved. Thanks again!!"

"My husband and I love living at Abberly Twin Hickory. The office staff could not be nicer or more helpful. They are the best of any apartment complex that we have lived at previously. The same can be said for the maintenance staff. Any maintenance requests or questions or concerns that we have ever had have been taken care of promptly. We appreciate all of the hard work of everyone."

"Jamie does a great job - always!"

"I would recommend Gardens to any one. My Arthritis was the only reason I moved. I loved the view I had and my neighbors were wonderful. Thanks Cheryl and the rest of the office staff and maintance staff."

"The experience was very enjoyable. Though I'm looking a year out before leasing, I know for certain, based off my experience, that Abberly Twin Hickory is where I like to call home for my family and I. Thank you!"

"Ms. Steel did a great job at answering our questions and showing us around. It was a great experience and eager to join Abberly Twin Hickory community."

"So far everyone has been very professional and accommodating even in the middle of all the renovation! We are going to move in the middle of November so I do not anticipate any problems ! "

"all of the women who worked in the office were very nice and provided all the info i needed to make this a smooth & easy move out. i miss glen allen already. thanks."

"Everything was great. i had a wonderful experience w/ all the women in the rental office and will miss Glen Allen greatly."

"We had a a/c emergency and service response was here under 20min. very pleased with service......thank you barbara lehman"

"Came quickly, fixed the problem. Everything was great "

"AC is working great! Thank you so much! "

"Jamie and Peter do an excellent job whenever they are called.Thank you Jamie and Peter"

"Thank you for your quick response every time. "

"Jamie installed a new toilet, replaced a chain lock on the door and made 2 new apt keys for me. He was very courteous and completed the work very satisfactorily! He is an asset to Abberly Twin Hickory!"

"Cleanliness and upgrading of the facility were impressive. Audrey was very courteous and helpful."

"We moved into our 1st floor handicapped July and were so happy to get a brand new carpet.We were scheduled to move into a 2nd floor apt.due to 1st fl.being unavailable in our time frame. However Lauren was quick to call us about a cancellation on a 1st floor which happened to be handicapped. It worked out great as my husband is disabled and on oxygen and we so appreciate all the staff who are great and so helpful for any of our concerns. Maintenance is always courteous, pleasant and efficient! We are so happy to be in a complex where the staff is so responsive to any of our needs."

"We still love it here!"

"All we needed was our smoke alarm was hanging from the ceiling and Willy re-attached it in no time. He was very professional, courteous, and careful near our furniture in placing his ladder which I appreciated. All maintenance staff is great and their hard work for such a large complex does not go un-noticed by us. I've even seen them picking up trash/papers throughout the grounds. So nice to be living in an environment where all the staff is so professional, nice, and efficient!!!!"

"Abberly Twin Hickory team rocks. always professional yet fun. a joy to be around."

"Willy was very professional and personable. "

"thank you for the cleaned kitchen light lenses."

"Our air went out and they were extremely quick to come over and fixed the unit. Thanks!"

"The guys were so nice and helpful, and offered advice on a way that I may save some money. I hate to pester them and they encouraged me to call...that is what they are there for. I was able to ask questions about move out process and what is the best way to handle some things, and they took the time to listen. Handled three issues at once!"

"I'm not sure I understand what the last question means. I think I asked to become a resident of the community. I don't know if I was asked or not. If I had decided I wanted to live at Abberly Twin Hickory and I didn't really pay attention. The selling points for me were 1) the surrounding community, 2) the apartment had no odor (no perfume, etc.) 3) the apartment (at least the model) was in perfect condition. I am excited for my move-in date to come!"

"Very happy with the work. The service team are very good. "

"Response time is so fast and Jamie is always so personable!"

"Audrey was fabulous to work with. She was patient, always seemed eager to help and go the extra mile. We rented a furnished apartment and a couple of items were not working. She had them replaced by the next day. We had to do all of the paperwork while we were still in Indiana, and Audrey just made it so easy."

"Cheryl Brooks was amazing and very personable. She and I walked through the apartment and she took her time. She answered all of my questions and even made some suggestions about what I could do once I move in. This is my FIRST apartment and she made it so simple for me. I look forward to seeing her around the community. "

"As usual very prompt courteous service provided. This time by Jamie, who is a wonderful representative for your company."

"I called in my service repairs at 9am Saturday. I was told my repairs would not be done until Monday, Monday at 5pm my repairs were completed. I have always been very pleased with my repair service you have a great team."

"I would just like to take a moment to thank Crystal and Lauren they were so amazing to me. I had a 1000 questions about the moving in process. (VAis a little different than NewYok and I've never lived in a complex before) thank you Crystal for answering ALL my emails and silly questions? Lauren you give the best directions ever!! ladies so much for your professionalism and patience with me Bridget"

"Very nice people and very clean place to live. Glad to be living here "

"The service request was completed within a hour from the time I submitted it. Jamie completed the request and explained what he was doing. Overall I was very pleased with the quick turnaround. Thanks!"

"Jamie of the Maintenance Team resolved the two dysfunctional issue, one realigning the kitchen drawer slide and the other clearing the blockage in the master bedroom bathroom sink. As usual, the service was both prompt and completed very satisfactorily. Ron M."

"Jamie was both personable and professional. Great 1st experience with the service team."

"As usual, Jamie provided wonderful and complete satisfactory service, replacing leaking Garbage disposal unit. Thanks, Ron and Debbie"

"I really appreciate the time that Cheryl Brooks spent showing us the apartment, reviewing the amenities, and going through the leasing details. She was very thorough and took us through the apartment in a way that helped me to appreciate what the property has to offer. It was an overall great experience. Thank you. "

"I can't thank Jamie enough for his awesome work and great attitude. We've had a few minor issues since moving in, and Jamie has consistently been extremely responsive, super efficient, and very pleasant. Thank you so much!"

"We had a great experience with Cheryl and Audrey during our entire leasing and move-in experience. The renovated apartments are very nice."

"Jamie received our service call that our AC was not working properly at approx. 7:30am and after 8:30am he informed us that we should be feeling cool air in less than a couple of hours. I left the apt to do some errands and came back to a very cool apt. Thank you Jamie and the service team. They are always prompt, efficient and professional. Have a great 4th of July weekend."

"Jamie was great! He worked beyond his normal hours to deal with our issue. Very happy with the service."

"My refrigerator suddenly stopped keeping things cold, and after my call to Abberly Twin Hickory office, Jamie came and very quickly and efficiently diagnosed the problem, replaced a part in the freezer -- we tested it out overnight and I got up today to find my food and drinks cold again! Thank you, great work, I appreciate it! "

"Service at Twin Hickory is the best and Jamie is the best. "

"Great community to live - beautiful and well maintained apartments. I really enjoyed lakes, amenities and cleanliness of the community. Apartment quality and floor plans are excellent. I highly recommend this community."

"Jamie was excellent. He was kind and professional and took care of everything quickly. We could not have asked for better service."

"I had my keypad replaced by Jamie, and am very pleased with the new replacement. Thank you Jamie for a job well done!"

"I am very happy with the maintenance team. The service was correct and fast."

"Abberly Twin Hickory is a great community to live in. Thank you for providing me with outstanding service over the past 4 years."

"Had my sink fixed in 10 minutes, had my A/C fixed in 20 minutes, these service times are unheard of elsewhere. The leasing office staff is friendly and helped me remove my ex from our lease without me having to interact with her. Their professional handling of a very tender situation, combined with swift maintenance, a good community, and a very nice unit made renewing with Abberly Twin Hickory a no-brainer decision for me."

"As usual here, the response was fast and competent, with polite and considerate behavior."

"We are extremely pleased with the price of our apartment for this area of Glen Allen. the leasing and maintenance staff have always been courteous and friendly, as well as our neighbors. We did not experience this in the community we lived in before Abberly Twin Hickory. We are looking forward to renewing our lease with Abberly Twin Hickory."

"This is the first time I have ever rented an apartment. I found Cheryl Brooks to be very informative and helpful in helping me navigate through the rental process and finding the right apartment to fit my needs. Abberly Twin Hickory appears to be a pleasant place to live. I look forward to moving in July."

"Location is ideal. Office staff and neighbors are great!"

"I worked directly with Audrey Steel as my leasing consultant. Audrey was so nice, professional, and courteous throughout my entire experience. She took the time to answer all the questions my husband and I had. Janine Swiney helped me when Audrey was unavailable, and she took a lot of time to help me through the decision making process between Abberly Twin Hickory and another community. Janine and Audrey were very supportive of the needs for me and my husband. I could not have asked for a better experience. The high level of customer service, the patience and understanding of Audrey and Janine, the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, and the overall condition of the property is what steered my husband to Abberly Twin Hickory over another choice. Thank you for everything and we look forward to becoming residents of Abberly Twin Hickory!"

"We love our place and living here!"

"Cheryl Brooks has to the made us feel welcome from our first visit to Abberly Twin Hickory. All the staff have been most helpful and professional."

"It is a great staff and facility. Crystal was lovely, professional and focused. She could not have been a better representative of the Community! Great job!"

"I have been very happy living at Abberly Twin Hickory for the last 4 years."

"Let there be light, and in came Jamie to replace my two large florescent light bulbs in my kitchen. Audrey steel notified on Saturday that she had "written" it up, but naturally it would not be done over the weekend. Because of Monday's excessive heat a number of ac units needed repair, but again Audrey notified me that it would be done on Tuesday, which is was. I totally understood the delay; and i do have the big light over the sink, so it all worked-out very well. I have lived here for 7 years, and Jamie has always given me outstanding service - and with a smile, and some humor mixed in, too!!!"

"We are amazed,appreciative and thankful for the professional and friendly manner the service and office staff provide. Great team - great people."

"Thank you so much for completely the work so quickly. We can now see in our laundry room. :) Jamie was great!"

"Janine and Lauren were both great, easy to talk, patient and straight forward. Frankly, I had several apartment homes to select from. However, I chose The Garden because of the overall I felt that the above mentioned people were honest."

"Peter came, saw, and conquered! We're brand new residents, but have heard a great deal of Peter and his maintenance staff----all excellent. We needed safety bars in our two baths, and very quickly the job was done perfectly. Fletch and Patti Means"

"Thank you for the quick turn around on my service request - I really appreciate it."

"I really loved the property, and hope to become a future resident soon!"

"The staff have always been courteous, helpful and professional. We've enjoyed our tenancy at Abberly Twin Hickory apartments, and are fortunate to have found the apartment during our transition to Richmond. Michelle Reyes"

"Extremely helpful and courteous staff"

"Overall the move in process was excellent. The apt looks great, and the only issue was one with the dryer which was resolved very quickly. I have no complaints!"

"Thank you for the wonderful years I lived at Abberly Twin Hickory. Great facilities, wonderful neighbors, OUTSTANDING maintenance, but most of all a very caring team of employees."

"Pete has been our go-to man for all of the maintenance requests that we have had ranging from issues with Bathtub, front door, window insulation and others. He has a wonderful attitude, right skills and a smiling face - all of which help get our requests completed while ensuring best customer satisfaction. I would recommend Pete for any recognition towards "complete customer satisfaction". Thanks Pete and Gardens for the excellent service !!!"

"This is the best place I've never live in. it's clean, great only name a few"

"Just wanted to say a big thank you to Audrey steel for arranging to have the shredder truck here at Abberly Twin Hickory for 2 hours this afternoon. It was so nice, and convenient. I did come by later, and thanked lauren, but i want everyone to know how much i appreciated this service hoping it can possibly continue every couple of years. It's these little extra things that Abberly Twin Hickory do for their residents that makes one want to live here forever!!!!"

"A great place to start out and get a feel for the community. "

"No apartment entry - garage door work and as always - done in a timely, friendly and fabulous manner! LOVE Abberly Twin Hickory TEAM!!"

"We love the service provided in this community. They are really quick and satisfactory. The maintenance people are very friendly."

"My bad sorry! Again i was totally pleased with the job pete did for me. So nice to have clean, white caulking again on my big counter top. I really appreciated the fact that pete had such a nifty tool to make the job so smooth, and clean. No mess left behind. I hope all of Abberly Twin Hickory staff know how much i love living here - you make life very enjoyable for me. And maybe spring will come soon - do you think?"

"Very quick response [to my maintenance request] even tho it was late In the day "

"Thanks for the timely service, very pleased. Pete was very professional and easy to work with."

"Pete did an outstanding job per usual today. He checked my air handler, because i was having trouble with excess dust & black stuff on my furniture & filter. He found the cause - i light candles (only when I’m home don't worry!) - So no more candles. What really impressed me was pete taking the time, and explaining all the components of the ac\heating unit - he's a good teacher - i learned alot. Then he had to replace the blind in my bedroom, because it finally gave out, but he was totally prepared, because i had told Audrey the 3 things that needed attention today - and he replaced the hardware & the blind, so no one can peek in anymore! And lastly he adjusted the pop-up in my tub. Pete has such a wonderful personality - he doesn't make you feel stupid when you ask him how something works, or why it no longer works like it should. He is a jump ahead of you, and just explains how and why it does or does not work correctly. All your service staff is outstanding, well trained, friendly, and willing."

"You guys were great! thanks for all of your help!"

"Cheryl was my leasing consultant and she was a gem! She listened to my needs and help me choose an apartment that I just love. She was so positive and uplifting that I knew I would be happy here. Everyone is so kind and helpful which is rare in an apartment complex."

"My purpose of touring the community was for my parents. I would have leased the apartment on the spot, however, my parents have decided they want to stay in Williamsburg in their current home. Abberly Twin Hickory would have been a beautiful environment for them. I will certainly keep you in mind if circumstances change! Thank you for your time!"

"I'm very critical and I have nothing but outstanding praise for your apartment complex. Highly recommended."

"Associate was very interested in us which made us feel welcome. She answered every question we had."

"Great, friendly service!"

"You guys are doing a great Job. keep it up!"

"Very efficient , friendly and had an understanding of what needed to be corrected."

"The service team is great at Abberly Twin Hickory. Always courteous and hard working."

"I am extremely happy wtih the service I received for the replacement of microwave. Pete the service technician came in the day I called regarding my microwave and immediately gave me a countertop replacement. 24 hours later he came with a brand new microwave. What excellent service! I couldn't ask for better! Thank you!"

"Service was here in less than 30 minutes. The staff is always very friendly and courteous. The work is always done to my satisfaction. They are all a wonderful team!!"

"Pete did an outstanding job on my dishwasher and fixing the leak under the sink."

"Abberly Twin Hickory is a place I love to call my home. They are well maintained, a superb maintenance staff, along with an outstanding Property Manager, Janine Swiney, office staff Audrey, Cheryl, and Lauren. Thank you all you do all year through. It is always appreciated!"

"Thank you so much for the service. The maintenance was great and FAST."

"The rental office and service teams at Twin Hickory are helpful, friendly but always professional. They do an excellent job."

"Abberly Twin Hickory maintainance guys are the GREATEST."

"I recently moved from a 1 BR apartment at Abberly Twin Hickory, to a 2 BR apartment. Pete did a great job of addressing a number of cosmetic details for my new place that I noticed upon moving in - replacing a torn screen to the patio, hanging up new vertical blinds to replace the old ones that were moving stiffly, touching a few paint dings, and installing door-stoppers. The work was done thoroughly and quickly - thank you! My new apartment is beautiful - I appreciate the fresh paint, new carpet, and new floor in the kitchen.. I'm really going to enjoy my new home! I am looking forward to continuing my stay at Abberly Twin Hickory - Pete, and all the other staff members are always so friendly and helpful!"

"Very prompt service."

"Quick response!! Less than 2 hours!"

"I cannot rave enough about Pete and Brad. Our service technicians are the most prompt I've ever seen. They have almost always made the repairs on the day of request and if they couldn't, they would give me date/time of follow up service. It is definately a selling point to living here. Thank you Gardens for assisting us with our living needs in an exceptional manner."

"Pete came and fixed the issue in no time. Pete is a very nice gentleman and is very pleasant in his dealings."

"Thank u for the quick service!"

"Thank you for the quick and efficient service."

"Audrey ... Thanks for all the help you gave us with our apartment search. We especially appreciate the information and advice you have provided. Your professionalism and thoroughness was exemplary. Best Regards, Priyanka."

"Pico was very responsive and fixed my air conditioner. He was very thorough and professional! He came back the next day to ensure it was still working and that the carpet was dry. Thanks so much Pico!"

"I want to acknowledge and commend Lauren, as she responded immediately when I called the office to share what the temperature was in my apartment. If she had not responded in the professional way she did by immediately getting a service request entered, I would have been in trouble, as I have asthma! Way to go Lauren! She always goes above what is expected and what a great attribute to have for a customer service position! Many Thanks Lauren for your support and for just being you!"

"Great job [on recent maintenance action]."

"Always treated well ,Thank You!"

"Abberly Twin Hickory service team is always prompt, thorough and friendly."

"Lighted, clean and well maintained outdoor. Apartment maintenace is excellent. Keep up the good work."

"I am a happy resident."

"I never thought I would like living in the Short Pump area because I always thought of the traffic, but the location and amenities at Abberly Twin Hickory changed my mind. The location is excellent and there is no noise! There were plenty of sidewalks for walking and I never hit any of the traffic because the location allows one to drive other routes. It was also close to the interstate and 288--which was a plus for me. I loved my time there and was sorry I had to leave."

"You are all prompt to answer questions, answer maintenance calls, fix problems, and give of your time and patience! You have welcomed me and my dog Wes into your family and your hearts and Wes and I now consider you to be a part of our family as well. We love you all!"

"The community is great and quiet even with the amount of children. The grounds are always maintained. I have even witnessed the grounds keepers walking in the early morning picking up small pieces of liter. The office staff is very helpful and always a pleasure to talk to. Cheryl, Audrey, and Gayle are amazing people! They always strive to please and make sure of my satisfaction. If repairs are needed, it is prompt and completed very well. I think the high ceilings are amazing and the touch of luxury with crown molding go a long way…the current design is leagues above what is available in the area. Rent is very appropriate for the area and am surprised my rent has only increased $10 in 3 years. If you sum up what Abberly Twin Hickory has compared to properties like the Addison and Carriage home (1 bedrooms), Abberly Twin Hickory wins hands down."

"Wonderful apartment and wonderful staff! If we did not decide to buy a house, we absolutely would still be at Abberly Twin Hickory - thank you for everything!"

"I truly enjoyed living in Abberly Twin Hickory Apartments for the 5 years I was there. I experienced a sense of community living there. Gail, Audrey, Cheryl and Janine all made the experience great."

"I enjoyed living at Abberly Twin Hickory. My apartment was quiet and comfortable, the property was well maintained and the staff was very responsive on the few occasions when I had a problem."

"Enjoyed my stay with you."

"My wife and I very much enjoyed living in this community. The Office Staff and the Maintenance staff are of the highest caliber. We were always thrilled with the warmth and friendliness that we were treated with. We will certainly recommend Abberly Twin Hickory to any of our friends, family or collegues. Thank You! "

"I appreciate how helpful and friendly everyone is here. Pete with maintenance has helped me a few times and has been very friendly and resolved my issues. I'd recommend this complex to friends. Thank you."

"It is such a wonderful experience living here at Abberly Twin Hickory. Everyone from the leasing office staff to the maintenance staff are always so helpful, and show they really listen, and care about your wishes, and concerns. It is wonderful having the "resident appreciation week" - it makes everyone feel appreciated. Thank y'all very much."

"The office staff and maintenance staff are outstanding. We love it here and hope to stay for 1 more year before moving on. Great place to live and always clean and everyone is so nice."